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Wedding / Engagement Planner

That one thing that sparkles on your finger gives a call for the first event among the other many events to come in future. Therefore, it should be arranged perfectly and you need to pull off the best engagement party by hiring the best engagement planner. Our engagement planner helps in planning your engagement in a very smooth manner backed by our highly experienced team. Al Daiem weddings will assist you to set a date, venue selection and everything that too within the budget. Our network of vendors will make sure that your requirements are always taken care of when it comes to seeking a Dj, food and beverage caterer, lighting and décor, flower arrangements or engagement dresses. We assist in bringing all together to make a grand experience for the couple. We will help you in identifying a theme for your engagement that will turn your event into a dream.

Planning for a wedding is a very stressful process. Each and every couple wants their wedding to be special and everything should go according to plan. Are you wondering how set up your dream wedding perfectly step by step? Aldaeim wedding ultimate goal is to arrange for a dream wedding party. We will help you in each and every step starting from conceptualization to end of the party. Our team will carry each minute work and help with sorting out every minute details thereby allowing you to spend time enjoying your wedding. In a wedding there are various things which requires detail-oriented approaches like flower decoration, choosing venue, sound system, Dj and other entertainments, photographer and many more things. Our planners ensure to meet your deadline and offer you the most wide-ranging wedding packages.NO matter whether you wish for a regal ambience and decoration or just simple celebration, we are always there for you. Our wedding organizers take pride in forming a lifetime event for our customers.

Contact us quickly to know how we can help in making wedding dreams and other party activities come true.

We will help you with

  • Wedding planning and execution
  • Venue selection
  • Party planning
  • Food and beverage
  • Events and wedding theme
  • Cake
  • Photography / Videography
  • Decoration
  • Entertainment
  • Security personnel
  • Event concepts
  • Audiovisuals
  • Decoration Lights
  • House Decorations

Wedding / Engagement Stages

We are an expert in making the wedding stage and also the decoration of the same. We design your wedding stage in such a way that it will both keep the traditions and also enhances the modernity. As the wedding stage is the most important place for you and it is the center of attraction in the event, therefore, you should never leave a stone unturned.

Our talented team of designers will make a spectacular wedding stage for your wedding event. United with beautiful floral displays, personalized lighting and stunning furniture, the look and feel of your wedding stage will be much more than you could have imagined. Our set and stage team will make an unbelievable runway for your wedding, a wonderful stage for your band and many more things for your wedding party. Feel free to contact us for your work.

Event Management

Event management is nothing but handling every important occasion with utmost style and luxury. Being one of the best event management service providers, we offer your events the full focus that it needs thereby creating unforgettable moments in your guest mind. We offer you full services starting from planning to execution, to ensure that extraordinary wants get a glorious stage for unfolding. we offer services for wedding planning, birthday events planning, family events management, corporate events management, networking events planning, along with social events organizing.

Our event management team make use of extensive creativity and storytelling to convert your events into experiences that is hard to forget. We have planned some of the successful events for local, regional as well as international brands starting from high profile launches to conferences, trade shows, expos, fun days and many more. Most of the industry leaders trust Aldeim as their end to end partner for ideation and conceptualization to designing of events, planning, production, sourcing and management of destination. Thus, allow us to manage every single detail for a error free experience. We impeccably link your business goals with your event journey, thereby bringing the theme to life through priceless memories.

Dance Floor & Sound Systems

Everyone just get-up and dance! Starting from all kind of events to weddings and engagement, one of the highlighting portion is dancing. If you are thinking of including dance and music in your wedding and other special events, then you will require a designated area for your guests where they can dance within. Our dance floor rentals and platforms are very safe and roomy. No matter whether you are looking for a small space for dancing or a large area, we will easily meet all your needs. Aldaeim posses all kind of dance floors and platforms to exactly match the need of your special event. So, the only thing you need to think is who is going to pull the biggest move at your party.

JBL sound systems.: All the Djs out there, turn up your music! For dancing your guests will require music and our special JBL sound systems are designed for fast and easy set up while offering best quality for both playback music as well as live musicians. Our arrangement also includes powered mixer, microphones and speakers.

Wedding / Engagement Tent Rentaals

Are you planning for a special wedding arrangement with only a few guests and want to make your wedding elegant and unforgettable? We will help you in providing wedding tent rentals at affordable rates. We trust in quality, therefore our main focus is to offer the best quality tent services. Our wedding tent products will make your weddings elegant and appealing. We provide tents that are customized according to the requirements of our clients. Being one of the best supplier of event tents for weddings, engagement and other kind of events, our tents will provide an sophisticated and inviting design to any event.

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